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Jeane Nikolai

Director of Energy, Government of Bermuda

Jeane Nikolai is the Government of Bermuda’s first Director of Energy, and has served in the position since 2009.  In addition to Director of Energy, Jeane also acted as the Director of Telecommunications from 2013 to 2018, at which time the Energy and Telecommunication Departments were amalgamated, expanding her remit from all things Energy to Telecommunications, Space and Satellite.  

Jeane is a proud graduate of both Barnard College and the University of Pennsylvania, and has worked in the fields of architecture and facilities management where she developed a strong interest in utilities infrastructure. Under Jeane’s tenure as Director, the Bermuda Government has developed energy legislation and regulatory legislation for both Telecommunications and Energy. She is currently working on meaningful reforms for the regulatory environment, including projects that will increase access to renewable energy for more of Bermuda’s residents.

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