Dervon McKellop

Dervon McKellop

President of DRIFT Enterprise Limited and Chief Consultant & UAS Pilot at DRIFT Enterprise UAV Services

Dervon has over 15 years of professional background in Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and Technical Training. His strong background in tech fueled his interest in drones and drone technology. 

This led him to pursue training and studies in UAS/Drone Technology. He currently holds several certifications and licenses in the unmanned aerial vehicle industry, as well as several industry-specific certifications focusing on the use of drone technology for commercial and industrial purposes. 

 Dervon is currently the President of DRIFT Enterprise Limited and the Chief Consultant & UAS Pilot with DRIFT Enterprise UAV Services. 

 He leads the team with all matters regarding drones, from drone program consulting to program implementation, flight planning, equipment selection, and procurement, along with reviewing aviation regulations for the development of operation manuals. Dervon is a go-to person for drone-related information, whether it is needed for Agriculture, Law Enforcement, Utilities, Telecommunications, or many other industries. 

He is a solution-oriented, highly analytical IT Professional providing an array of experience across multiple technical disciplines. His background and exposure places him in a unique position to leverage artificial intelligence and technological advances as an accelerator for business growth and efficiency.